Client: GE Healthcare Finnamore

Who are they?

General Electric (GE) were founded by Thomas Edison in 1878 and today are the fourth largest company in the world, with operations spanning media, aviation, capital, oil & gas and healthcare. GE acquired Finnamore Ltd in January 2014 to form GE Finnamore, which now spearheads the company’s healthcare consultancy operations.

What were we asked to do?

GE came to us with the task of implementing their design into a brand new website. This would involve migrating a huge amount of content from the original Finnamore Ltd site onto this new framework. Having psd design we had to came up with best ideas for functionality and interactions.

What were the challenges?

With such a complicated website we naturally turned to using Joomla, which offered far more control and customisation over layouts than a WordPress CMS. With such a large and recognised brand like GE, we had to stick to the company’s strict corporate branding guidelines at all time, which even affected aspects like line spacing and the padding around images. GE Finnamore is a brochure site and the volume of content that needed migrating was huge. This required a lot of attention to detail making sure the new content sat perfecting on the new layout.

What was the outcome?

One of the things we wanted to emphasise to GE from the outset was that just because the company is a corporate we don’t look to charge corporate rates. Our work was costed at the same day rates we charge all our clients and we delivered on time and to budget. The end result was a website that has all the functionality the client asked for, whilst maintaining the unmistakable corporate branding of GE.

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